Can Intuition Save You Money? – A Response

“So often people throw money away on the next shiny object that they think will help them because they have become disconnected from the master control system.  The communication has become scrambled between their conscious mind and that innate intelligence which truly has the wisdom they need to discern from the inside out what will bring lasting health, prosperity and wellbeing.” – Dr Lara, DC, in her blog post, Can Intuition Save You Money?

Empty Promises

It’s true; and we might be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t experienced the ‘shiny object syndrome’ that Dr Lara mentions. Especially in a culture (I’m looking at you, United States) that promotes consumerism to fix yourself through various goods touting that very promise. Promotions use flowery words to disguise their message, but we all know what we’re being sold … that new thing that screams “You’ll look younger!”, “You’ll feel better!”, “People will like you more!” if you just buy it.

Most people that start therapy can recount a list of things and services that they’ve left feeling the hurt and disappointment of leaving without those same promises being fulfilled. They talk about all of the different products, medications, retreats, and even other therapies they’ve tried that just haven’t hit the mark. And the consensus is: they are fed up. Fed up with feeling unheard, continually unhappy, and that they are still saddled with the same problems they had before the bought the *things*.

Important Reconnection

The trouble is, when we’re responding to what we’re feeling by buying into these false promises, we’re only receiving half of the message. It’s likely that we know we’re uncomfortable with what we’re feeling/experiencing and that we need something to change… hence the motivation to go out and make the purchases. But the second half of the message tied to this experience is often overlooked. And unfortunately, it’s the half that actually informs how to move forward in a way that’s helpful for us, rather than being a bit on the destructive side.

In healing work, reconnecting with the innate wisdom that each of us holds is the name of the game. Dr Lara, DC, notices in her work that when folks become reconnected to their central nervous system, their pain and movement patterns change. What she also notices is that the way they orient to the world also changes through seemingly unconnected things, like taste preferences and cravings.

As a therapist, I’m here to echo those very same sentiments. In the work psychotherapy facilitates for my clients, I’ve noticed a similar restructuring that happens. Slowly, as someone works to establish this reconnection, among all of the expected or desired changes starting to unfold, something really particular happens. Their cravings and taste preferences in relationships change. And no, not just romantic relationships, but all of the other relationships us humans hold with the world around us; friendships, connection with work and leisure, relationship with the earth/nature; the list could go on for days. It’s as though through the process of reconnection with ourselves, we unlock truth behind the types of relationships and their content that actually feed us rather than depleting us.

It’s a powerful thing to be a part of, really. By unscrambling the connection to ourselves we actually get to hear what your body is telling you and you are empowered to act upon it. The result? You break free from feeling stuck on the treadmill of chasing the ‘next best thing’ to make you feel better. You no longer vest others with the authority around what you ‘need’ or ‘want’.

What To Do, Then?

The choice is really yours to be had, because healing happens only when you are ready to do so. Never before. Never after.

Whether it’s psychotherapy or a chiropractic approach that is truly centered around your goals, your connection to your provider is ground zero for your healing. So if you’re finding yourself ready to reconnect to yourself and truly be present, reach out. I know I can speak for both Dr Lara and myself when I say that we are honored to be a part of your healing journey in whatever way that looks.

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