Unhappy at Work?

Being chronically unhappy and stressed at work has significant implications on our wellbeing. In the United States, we spend much of our time within the confines of what we do for work. A full-time employee spends around 1,800+ hours at work each year, averaging somewhere between 37.5 and 40.5 hours per week. This roughly translates into nearly 49% of our waking hours being spent at our place of employment. These numbers make it very clear; our work environments are incredibly important determinants of the quality of the life we live. 

In a Gallup poll published in August 2022, it was reported that over 50% of employed people feel stressed while at work on a daily basis. In this same poll, 41% of full-time employees also reported daily bouts of worry while at work, and 22% experienced sadness, each and every day while on the job. The most staggering statistic that this poll uncovered was that 60% of employed people reported being emotionally detached each day, while clocked in. 

What are the costs of being chronically stressed, worried, sad, or emotionally detached at work? If you find yourself in any of these statistics, here’s what staying unhappy at work is costing you: 

  • Your health.

While being stressed for a short amount of time can actually support recovery from illness, being chronically stressed suppresses your immune system by reducing the number of lymphocytes (or cells designed to kill viruses) your body requires to maintain health. Chronic stress also leads to ongoing, body-wide inflammation which is linked to increased risk of chronic illnesses and disease. 

  • Your upward mobility.

When your mind and body are caught up in coping with the intensity of chronic stress, worry, sadness, or detachment, your ability to focus on anything else is greatly limited. By using your focus and energy to cope with these intense sensations, suddenly the tools you need to go from surviving to thriving in your place of work are far out of reach. It becomes more difficult to network, build skills you need to transition to a new position, and find the space to perform well. The result? You are stuck in a position that you don’t like, without the tools you need to reach the position you want.

  • Your connection to your family.

Someone has to say it; ‘leaving work at work’ is a myth! After you’ve physically left the office for the day, your body and mind continue to process the events of your workday until resolve happens. All of that daily stress, sadness, worry, and detachment remain with you, even after you return home to those you care about. Your mind and body’s preoccupation with processing chronic workday stress means that you’re unable to be present with your family and friends. 

The costs of chronic stress on the job are high, and impact far more than what initially meets the eye. If you’re ready to release stress and confidently step into life on your own terms, schedule your free pre-consultation today by clicking here.

Reference: Gallup poll 

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